Marine Construction Erosion Protection

Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station, Welch, Minnesota

Responsible for restoration of the inlet bay and recycle canal. This project was performed as a fast track operation within numerous constraints due to permitting restrictions. This project was extremely successful for all concerns and was completed within both time and budget limits. Provided service as the prime contractor and completed approximately 90% of the project with 10% sub-contracted.

Unique Features

  • Clearing, grubbing and stripping of work area
  • Excavation of soils and sediments
  • Loading and transporting of soils and sediments and misc. debris while meeting all Federal, State and Local disposal facility requirements
  • Recovered pressure vessels
  • Project completed on time and within budget
  • No accidents or injuries

Interecepter Sewer Repair

Unique Features

  • Deep tunnel interceptor inspection and repair under in-service conditions (live flow)
  • Design and fabrication of traveling inspection and work platform suitable for deep penetrations
  • Drilling and probing in systematic radial pattern to test erosion of sandstone behind tunnel lining
  • Immediate repair of concentrated leaks using steel forms, sealants and pressure grouting
  • Written and visual log of recorded measurements and observed conditions
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